Sunday, December 11, 2011

Calling All Compassion Bloggers - update

Compassion Bloggers Master List

I thought it would be fun to ring in the new year with a master list of anyone and everyone who blogs on behalf of Compassion. I'll work at compiling the list and having it posted as a page here at the beginning of 2012.

Requirements: I would like to include people who blog fairly regularly about Compassion. It doesn't really matter what you are writing about in relation to might be advocacy, sharing letters from your kids, raising awareness about poverty and/or Compassion's ministry, letter writing ideas, etc. If the ministry of Compassion International makes a regular appearance on your blog, you are qualified to enter.

How to submit your blog:  You can share your submission in the comments below. You can format your submission like this:

Name of blog - Compassion Family

URL of blog -

Description of blog - My name is Jill and I'm the person behind Compassion Family. In an effort to get my entire family involved in the sponsorship experience, I created Compassion Family as a place to celebrate, experience and share the joy of sponsorship as a family. I share many resources and ideas that have worked for our family and also have country expert posts that offer a variety of resources in each country where Compassion is working.

*Please limit your description to 3-5 sentences

*Please don't included additional links in the description

I don't want to miss anyone, so please pass on the word and/or leave info for others who might not see this post.

**If you are having trouble leaving a comment, you can email your submission to me at: fiddlejill(at)yahoo(dot)com
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