Monday, November 7, 2011

This Week...

Things are going to be quiet around here this week, but there is still plenty of good Compassion stuff happening.

Starting Tuesday, November, 8th, a fantastic group of bloggers is headed to Ecaudor. This blogging trip is unique in that all the bloggers going have already done this before. I am expecting God to great things through these bloggers this week, and I'm excited to read the stories.

Compassion Bloggers: Ecuador 2011

On Wednesday, November, 9th, there is One Meal One Day. Consider skipping a meal and donating the amount you would have spent on the meal to Compassion.

I'll be back on Friday, November 11th to share another letter from Judith in Kenya.

Also worth noting.....Teena is giving a way a copy of Hope Lives: A Journey through Restoration by Amber Van Schooneveld. In my opinion, this book is a must read! Go HERE to enter her giveaway.
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