Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mail Call - Photo Edition

As far as photo updates are concerned, this week was one of the best! I got three updated photos....

Dominic Muchangi in Kenya

Portia in Ghana

Jerry in Indonesia

And then today I got a fantastic letter from Lian in Colombia. In her letter she wrote...

Dear sponsors,
It is a joy to greet you! I want you to know that I am very happy because God is with me and I am his daughter. I am grateful to God for you and for the intelligence he gives to me so that I can do very well at my school. I am very grateful to God for my tutor. I want you to know that my favorite animal is rabbit and I enjoy playing hide and seek with my cousin and brother. Do you get together to play as a family? What kind of games do you play? Thank you so much for the letters and photos you sent. They are much of my liking. Please pray for my family and me. I want to share a Bible verse with you. Proverbs. 10:12 May God bless you! I love you so much. Bye!
Lian Lee

In a previous letter to Lian I had asked her to share with us the names of her family members and if at all possible, could she send a photo of her family. I was delighted to find the following three photos in this letter.

 Lian and her mother on her graduation day

Lian dressed up as Queen Isabel a year ago 

Lian and her family last Christmas
her father, her mother, her grandfather, her aunt, her older sister, and Lian

My heart is truly overflowing with love and happiness right now. I love knowing Lian and her family a little better. These are the first pictures I have seen of her where she is smiling. And I LOVE the drawings she did around the photos. 
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