Monday, October 24, 2011

Mail Call

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I haven't done a mail call post for a while, but I've been getting some great letters from our kids. Today I had 3 lovely letters waiting for me in our mail box.

Two from India - Bulu and Rubi  - and one from David, LDP student in Peru.

 Last week we received this updated photo of Bulu. He is 18 years old now and we have sponsored him for 9 years. His letters are always brief. I get the feeling that writing letters is not his favorite thing to do. In this letter he thanked us for the gift we sent for his birthday and thanked us for our prayers and help.

Rubi is our correspondent child, and like Bulu lives in India. She writes to us often and seems to enjoy it more than Bulu. She always talks about what we wrote and answers any questions we have for her. In her letter Rubi wrote to us about her new college experience. There is no higher secondary school in her hometown and so she is attending Giridih College 50 km from her home. She said it is all new ~ new place, new friends.

In an earlier letter we had asked if Rubi had ever seen the ocean and she told us she has not. She thanked us for telling her about Sydney losing teeth and the tradition of the tooth fairy. She also told us that she and her family live with all their relatives.

I love getting letters from David. Meeting him face to face last year really took our relationship to a deeper level quickly. He writes to us every month and I look forward to his letters so much.

Here is what he wrote concerning his pre-professional practices....
I wanted to tell you that I am doing my pre-professional practices, thank be to God's grace. Waiting for so long and being patient was worth it. I applied for two companies before but it was kind of strange because of the work time and the name of the companies. However, I worked for two days in both companies because I wanted to see what the work was like. I was praying for about a week, I was asking God to give me a better place to work so I decided to send my resume to a well-known company in my country. I know it is God's will. I was waiting for a week to get an answer because the company wanted to hire employees, not practicing people. I thought it couldn't be possible to make it because of my studies, but they accepted me anyway. I had to attend a training course for three days and now I am working as a practicing. I am doing what I am studying and am learning many things. I am so thankful to God for opening these doors to me and for the chance he gives me to keep improving my professional education. 

Finally, I want to tell you that God is faithful to his children. All he wants from us is faithfulness, commitment and especially love for his work. Keep going on in your ministry. Everything you do, do it for the Lord with excellence and abundant love. I thank you again for everything you are doing in my life. Thanks for being my friends.

What a joy it is to have these young people in our lives. I feel so blessed....don't you?

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