Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Christmas Cards for Unsponsored Children

It’s the one time of year that we can love on unsponsored children and send them letters in the form of a Christmas card.


Here’s the specific information I got from Compassion….

Sponsors may again write Christmas cards for unsponsored children this year. Unsponsored children will receive a Christmas gift, and Christmas cards are a great way to send a personal blessing to children without sponsors.

The details:

  • Cards need to be received at the GMC by Nov. 4 in order to be mailed to the field before Christmas. Cards received after November 4 may be held until next year.
  • An individual sponsor may send up to 25 cards without attachments (i.e. photos, stickers, etc.).
Cards should be mailed to:
Compassion International
Attn: Suzuanne Hall
PO Box 6500
Colorado Springs, CO 80962-5000

So here’s what I’m doing (feel free to do your own thing or copy me).

I printed this colorable nativity scene onto cardstock (found it HERE – page 6).


I also printed up this simple message and created cards (25 of them).


Over the next couple weeks, I’ll enlist my family members to color in the scenes and decorate this inside of the card with stickers. My mom is visiting at the end of October, and I plan to have 25 of these made up for her to send in.

What can you do?

  • Make/write 25 cards of your own to send in
  • Spread the word via blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Hold a card making party at your church, Bible study, small group, homeschool group, etc.

Let’s do our best to get a special Christmas message into the hands of every unsponsored child this year.

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