Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mail Call

Mail Call Button

Michelle at Blogging from the Boonies, has designed this cool button and encouraged others to use it to report on the letters they are receiving from their sponsored children.

I was very excited to get a letter from our new LDP student, Cilia, in Honduras this week.

Hello dear sponsors,

It is a great blessing to write you again. I hope that God keep blessing your lives greatly and that every day He provides for your needs according to His will.

Today is a very special day because thanks to our beloved God, I’m able to talk to you. I have so much to tell you. So many things have happened lately, both good and bad, but I know that everything works for the best.

I have started a new term at the university and I’m taking two courses, biology and sociology. I’m also taking one lab in which I have learned a lot. I love that course, well, and I like all of the, but I like lab best. I’m blessed every day because God shows me his never ending love and mercy. This term is very exhausting because every class lasts two hours. I start at 11 am and get off at 7 pm. I have a lot of homework and it is difficult for me to do it because the internet place is very far from where I live and that makes it difficult for me to complete my homework.

I would like to tell you about my family. My dad is still sick but I don’t lose faith that when God is quiet is because He is working. I know that soon my dad will get up from that bed. He is confined to a bed. My mother is such a strong woman. God has given her a special gift because she is the only one that can control my dad when he gets very sick and his muscles contract. I have tears in my eyes as I write this letter because I’m very sensitive, but God is who gives me strength to keep going every day. One day I will be able to help my family. We are going through a very difficult financial situation because my dad’s medicine is very expensive.

But not everything is bad. My new family, the LDP has been with me all along. You have no idea how great we are together. On Saturday, July 16, we did community service. We made a mural and we evangelized young adults and children. It was a super wonderful experience because it was the youth from the LDP and from other churches here in Tegucigalpa.

I say goodbye with many hugs and kisses wishing that God’s blessing always keep you….Cilia.

Today I sent my daughter out to get the mail and she came running back in, excitedly announcing that we had 3 Compassion letters!


Two of these were from our correspondent child, Suresh, in India.

Listen to this….

Dear Uncle and Aunty,

My hearty greetings to you. I and my family are doing well. I am extremely happy when your letter is coming to me. I have celebrated Easter well with my family. On that day we went to church and worshipped our Lord Jesus. Before we join this center we belonged to Hindu family. Now we are in the Christian family.

Your affectionate son, Suresh

In the other letter he reported that their center had conducted a general health camp, a dental camp and a nutrition awareness program. I love that Compassion is providing for all their needs.

The third letter was from Portia in Ghana. In this particular CDSP, they respond to letters by filling out a form. There is a section for answering questions, asking questions, reporting new personal information, a prayer for the sponsor and a prayer request.

We learned that Portia’s new responsibility is to wash her own clothes and she requested prayer for all the children admitted to the hospital. Her letters are short and sweet, but they come often.

Did you receive any “happy dance” mail this week?

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