Friday, August 19, 2011

Correspondence Kit Winners and Another Way to Obtain a Correspondence Kit.

First of all, a BIG thank you to everyone for being so excited about this and entering. I didn't count how many entries I had, but it was a lot!

I couldn't stop myself at drawing only two names and instead decided there would be 5 winners. Regardless if you won or not, be sure to read this whole post.

And the winners are....

Sharon, Amy, Gina, Amanda and Maria

Congratulations! Please email your mailing address to me at fiddlejill(at)yahoo(dot)com. Also, I need to know which kit you prefer: young girl, teen girl, young boy, teen boy

I will continue to hold correspondence kit giveaways each month so be sure to come back for another one.

I have also decided to make these available outside of the giveaways. After pondering the idea of "selling" them and then donating most of the money back to Compassion, I realized I don't want to deal with any money. I don't want you to have to send me money and then I send it in to Compassion. I would much rather you make a donation to Compassion and then show me proof.

If you donate on line, you will get an email receipt which you can forward to me (you can delete whatever personal info you need to, as long as I can see the date and the amount of the donation).

For each $10 donation, I will send you a correspondence kit of your choice. I will not tell you where to direct your donation - that's your choice - but I will give you a couple ideas.
  • $10 to Bite Back buys a mosquito net for malaria prevention (1 correspondence kit)
  • $55 to Water of Life will buy a water filtration system (5 correspondence kits)
There are many categories you can direct your donation to. HERE is a list and a link of where you can go to donate.

After you have donated, email me at fiddlejill(at)yahoo(dot)com.
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