Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Water of Life

Millions of people living around the world don’t have access to this….
…yet you probably have more than clean water source in your home.
In Peru, we visited homes that had no running water. Children would collect water each morning and bring it to these tubs. But at least it was clean.
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Can you imagine sending your child to collect the same water that is used by animals and where laundry is done? Not to mention the waste that is dumped there….and this is the water you will cook with and drink?
Please take a moment to visit Compassion’s new website Water of Life. The video is a must-see. It’s short, yet so informative. You will be blessed by Fiona’s smile at the end. (I highly recommend you watch this as a family and then talk about it. Fill up a jug of water and ask your kids to carry it across the yard…can they do it? Walk around the house….was it easy? Try walking around the block….hopefully the neighbors will ask you what you are doing!)

Compassion has a filtration system that can provide a lifetime supply of clean water (over 1 million gallons) to Compassion children and their families. A one-time donation of $55 will cover the cost of one of these.
A couple months ago, I challenged you to count the number of faucets inside and outside your home. I was surprised to find our home had 12. In that challenge, I urged you to donate a fixed amount per faucet to provide clean water.
I challenge you again…find a way to donate to Water of Life, and please help spread the word about this initiative.
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