Sunday, March 11, 2018

Our Compassion Corner

I recently created a "Compassion corner" in our school room/office. It has been a while since we've had any sort of visual reminder of our Compassion family, and I've gotten so many photo updates recently.

It was fun to create a collage of all the kids we currently sponsor and correspond with. I was tempted to add three more children to balance out the collage, but then had the idea to add a couple of the Compassion churches our kids attend.

I also made a smaller collage of the four kids who have March and April birthdays. This will help us remember to pray for them, and it will be easy to create a new collage for the kids who have May/June birthdays, etc.

Other ideas for the corner display include books that support or encourage the work of sponsoring children around the world, and a basket to collect change. We'll use this change to buy a special gift through Compassion's gift catalog.

It was so easy and fun to create this special display in our home. It has already served its purpose in helping create a visual reminder of our special friends around the world.
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