Saturday, May 20, 2017

Bridgid's Cross

First a little story....two years ago our family started playing music together. What started as an occasional appearance at farmer's markets grew into regular performances in our area. We named our group Bridgid's Cross after St. Bridgid - a patroness of Ireland and lover of the poor. When we started collecting tip money, we decided to use the money to sponsor another child through Compassion and I was able to find an adorable girl named Bridget in Uganda. Recently we've decided to use more of our proceeds to support Compassion's water of life program and were able to donate $100 from one gig in March. 

This week the first hard copies of our first cd arrived. This is just a hobby for us, and the recording was done in our living room and garage over the past 6 months, but we are excited to share our love of music and Compassion with all sorts of people. 

Bridget in Uganda

If you are interested in hearing samples from the tracks, you can do that HERE. You can also download it digitally on that site. If you want a hard copy of the cd, I can get one to you for $13 (includes shipping within US) - just message me. 

The main reason I share this with you is not to sell cds, but to share that you can get creative and combine your passions / talents with your advocacy!

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