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Yoselin in Dominican Republic

Yoselin in Dominican Republic
January 9, 2005

We began sponsoring Yoselin in September 2009. I was specifically looking for a child that shared a birthday with my oldest daughter, and found Yoselin was an exact match! Finding birthday buddies for my girls has been such a great way for them to take more ownership of Compassion's ministry and our family's involvement with sponsorship. A couple years ago, I switched this sponsorship over to my daughter and she is now responsible for all the letter writing. So far we have received 46 letters.

father - Domingo
mother - Yoselin
siblings - (oldest to youngest) Caterine, Francis, Blady, Pedro, Luis, Carlos, Manuel and Jazmin

Caterine, Fancis and Blady are her father's kids / Pedro, Luis, Carlos and Manuel are her mother's kids / Yoselin and Jazmin are full sisters

(two different letters mentioned the above kids....another letter also mentioned Lisaul, Carola and Wendy)

  • approx 325 children
  • write letters, take Bible classes, play sports, group activities
  • attends Mennonite church

  • food - plantains and salami / sancocho (soup cooked with plantains, manioc and meat)
  • color - yellow / green
  • animal - dog
  • activity - go to beach or river / ride bike
  • game - volleyball / soccer
  • subject - literature
  • hero - God / Jesus

Miscellaneous info:

  • throws teeth up and says "little mouse, little mouse, I give you this little tooth. Please send me another pretty one." 
  • gifts received: yellow clothes, 2 pair sandals, black sneakers, underwear, shoes, dresser
  • house has water and electricity / made of wood
  • likes to pray
  • hobbies: play, tv, share, read, clean, go out
  • wants to be doctor
  • wants to visit Puerto Rico, New York, Spain and Italy
  • likes to go camping
  • 2019 - plays softball
  • wants to take a beauty course

"In the center, my teacher is talking to me about the respect we should have for our parents. I love going to the center because they always talk about very interesting things."

"I love you as much as Jesus love me."

"I go to the center every day and I learn the word of God there. I like music a lot. I love to help other people out. I believe that Jesus died to save us." 

"Thanks for your letters and gifts. They are of great blessing to me. You talk to me about patience in the letters you send me, and I have had a lot of patience at this moment. My father has a little tumor in his lung. I pray for God to heal him."

"I will tell you about my feelings. God gave me a heart to feel several emotions, and some of them are: I feel happy when I play with my friend. Sometimes I get sad when my mom goes to work to the capital, and I get angry when they don't let me play with my friends."
showing us her emotions - happy, sad and angry

"I am happy because my dad is recovering. Also, I moved to another place. People said bad guys are stealing children to get their tissues in my town."  - Sept 2016

"I hope you have a happy birthday because I know God is going to bless greatly and even we are far from each other, I know it will be a great blessing for you and me." - Nov 2019 
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