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Jackson Mwaniki in Kenya

Jackson Mwaniki in Kenya
May 27, 1999

We began sponsoring Jackson in June 2012. He attends the same project our Dominic attended, and I wanted to sponsor another child in the same project just in case I ever get to Kenya. Dominic was graduating in October, and we went ahead and sponsored Jackson in June so their sponsorship would overlap a little and they could share the bond of sharing a sponsor. So far we have received 38 letters from Jackson.

He lives with his mother (Depora) and younger brother (Bria Murimi). His parents were never married, and I don't know if he has a relationship with his father.

Jackson attends KE 200 - Anglican Church of Kenya and Kamwaa Child Development Center. He started attending the Compassion project at age 4, and had several sponsors before us.

  • color - green
  • story - King Pharoah
  • subject - math / kiswahili
  • food - chips
  • game - car racing

Miscellaneous info:
  • wants to be doctor / policman (2013)
  • fetches water 
  • looks after cattle
  • collect firewood
  • sweeps compound
  • likes soccer and running
  • learning intro to welding (2017)
  • likes gospel music

Gifts received from sponsorship:
  • school bag
  • leather shoes
  • 2 chickens
  • mattress
  • goats
  • flour
  • 2 plastic chairs
  • food
  • one year we sent a bag with the following: blue t-shirt, toothpaste, pencils, calculator, photo album, bag, notebook, flashlight and mints (which he shared with his friends!)

In Oct 2017 we received a letter telling us that he was in his first year of training to be a welder and that he was enjoying it.

Jackson is a great letter writer, but has only sent this one drawing. He often refers to himself as "your son" and in every letter shares a Bible verse with us.

"I thank you for the letters you wrote to me. They are quite encouraging because of the Bible verses that are quite blessing. Thanks a lot and may the Lord God bless you as you try to look for more Bible verse to write to me." 
"I would request request you to help me in my prayers for prosperity in my education. How would you wish me to pray for you or join you in?" 
"I request you to pray for us to be blessed with rain. How do you want me to pray for you?" 
"I like swimming although it is dangerous to do it in the nearby river where there are crocodiles." 
"I received advice from your former sponsored child Dominic Muchangi who is working in a public hospital."
"I am always happy when I remember our relationship. I always feel encouraged. Are you happy of our relationship?" 
"I would like to inform you that I am a Sunday School child who is willing to follow Jesus Christ." 
"The support and gifts you send to me have made us improve our status of living." 

"My education has been supported by you." 

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