Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Veronica in Dominican Republic

December 20, 2003

Veronica started off as one of our correspondent children, but we were able to pick up her sponsorship. We've been writing to her since August 2013 and have received 16 letters. In March 2017, we learned that Veronica was no longer part of the Compassion program. 

She attends DR 495 which is the Integral Development Fuente de Esperanza (Source of Hope) and the Rock of Salvation Church. 

She lives with her mother, Zoila, her step father, Daniel, and her brothers, Alex, Guillermo and Alberto. However, in January 2015, her letter informed me that she and her mom moved to a new town, and her new info states that she is the only child living at home with her mom. In one letter she asked us to pray for her dad. 

  • color - pink and blue
  • food - corn flakes with milk and rice with chicken
  • sport - volleyball and soccer
  • hobby - playing rope and tag
  • subject - natural science
  • hero - Jesus
  • animal - rabbit
  • instrument - violin
  • Bible verse - Psalm 23:!

Other information:
  • wants to be a lawyer
  • met Wess Stafford

signs her letters....
"goodbye with a big kiss and hug, your girl that loves you"

"On vacation at the center we had a trip to the Capital and we enjoyed it a lot. I loved it.  I bathed and jumped from the slides with my partners from the center. The place they took me got my attention because it was something beautiful, the pool was big and the slides were big and wide. I loved the food and I ate delicious empanadas. Have you ever been to a place that lets you be amazed?"

"I want to tell you that I'm doing a community labor in the place where I live for the senior students in high school, since they are graduating and they con't have money. We are doing an activity in order to help them. Also, if the street is broken, we write a letter on behalf of the community and send it to the district. Thanks for all the love and affection you have shown and offered me. I ask you to pray for a virus that is affecting my community. Remember that I love you with all my heart." - Dec 2016

In June 2017 we received final news from the staff in the DR informing us that Veronica had gotten age 13! They made it clear that they tried to work with the family, explaining that Veronica was not biologically ready for marriage, but the family would not listen.
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