Friday, April 15, 2016

Some Weekend Links

Earlier this week I used Compassion's online letter writing tool to write to my sponsored and correspondent kids. I was pleasantly surprised to see some updates and added options now that the letter writing policies have changed.

First, if you don't know about the new letter writing guidelines, here are a couple posts explaining the changes:

When you choose to write to your child, you now have the option to select a letter template (like before) or a card (new).

I also noticed that I had the option to send up to 5 photos instead of 3. As I clicked around I found more new options. First of all, there is now a record of the past 20 letters you've sent to your child. If you've written them on line, you can actually view the letter you sent. If you sent a paper copy, it will just list the date it was sent.

The other thing I noticed was what you see below.... when I clicked on this tab, it showed me that a letter was on its way to me. One actually said the letter was in the process of translation.

Also, Compassion recently wrote a post about the best ways to use their app and it has some great ideas that I hadn't thought of, so be sure to read it.

That's all friends...hope you have a great weekend!
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