Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jerry in Indonesia

January 28, 2001

I don't remember the events leading up to our sponsorship of Jerry, but we sponsored him March 17, 2011  In November 2016, we received the news that Jerry's family moved to an area where Compassion is not working and so our sponsorship ended. We received 42 letters from Jerry during our time of sponsorship.

Jerry lives in Dagho, a village by the sea. His house is near the river and beach and he likes to swim. His father's name is Kres and his mother is Yulin Busia, and they were married June 22, 2000. He has a younger brother named Mikhael Elisama (born July 2001). He also lives close to his grandparents and other family members.

Jerry attends ID 135 Sesawi Student Center. His favorite activities at the center are singing worship songs and learning the Word of God. He participated in a flag ceremony and also has received dental exams at the center. 

He has received the following gifts:
  • shirt, trousers, sandals and shoes
  • English dictionary
  • household needs
  • printed book
  • clothes
  • book bag
  • school uniform

Miscellaneous info from letters:
  • hobbies: biking, drawing, soccer
  • pet: chicken
  • favorite color - red
  • favorite food: rice and fish, cassava, duren (fruit)
  • activities - soccer and studying
  • likes running
  • threw tooth on roof when it fell out
  •  has mosquito net but doesn't like using it
  • sometimes the rain prevents Jerry from going to school
  • wants to be policeman
  •  likes to play Takraw (3 people, small ball and court, difficult)
  • secretary of student council at school
  • wants to play guitar


The stationary Jerry's letters are written on has lines on both sides with no space designated for drawing pictures. So despite the fact that Jerry told us he likes to draw, we haven't received any drawings from him.

One thing I noticed from his letters is how often he repeats our names throughout the letter. It's usually several times. In some letters he calls us "father Kevin and mother Jill" and in others it's "Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Jill".  

In many letters the questions he asked were highlighted for us.

"Thank you for the verses. They really better me and my family." 
"At home we put some Christmas decorations. I pray someday I'll be able to celebrate Christmas with you both. With our faiths, Jesus will surely make it come true." 
"Jerry can hardly wait for mom Jill and family's newest letter to be sent." 
"I'm so happy that every time you write to me, you will always send lots of things." 
"Jerry is so happy because Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Jill always send letters to Jerry."
"I'm happy to receive letter - makes me more enthusiasm and dilligent to study." 
"I want to be Christ's prince who will glorify His name to the highest." 

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