Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Birthday Folders

A couple weeks ago my friend and fellow Compassion blogger, Hannah, posted about what she includes in the birthday folders she sends to her sponsored kids. I just put together my 2016 folders and wanted to share what mine look like. 

This is a typical folder for a girl, ages 8-12. I think I found everything at Dollar Tree with the exception of the folder (which I bought on clearance after the back to school sales). Dollar Tree often has Christian themed goodies that ares suitable for sending to your kids. I think they are intended for Sunday School classes and/or VBS, but they work lovely for our sponsored kids. I included borders that are for bulletin boards, but thought the kids could use them to decorate their rooms. I also included a few sheets of sitcky post it notes (the stars and lined paper), a few coloring sheets, an origami project and sticker book, along with the flat, paper cut outs. 

This is what I included in a younger boys folder.... flat, paper cut outs, borders, sticker scenes, a sticker book and coloring pages.

And for the older kids (girls or boys), much of the same....

My girls LOVED putting these together. I'm sure our sponsored kids will love opening them and looking through what we sent to them. I hope so, anyway. 

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