Monday, August 10, 2015

Cilia ~ Our LDP student in Honduras

After a disappointing first attempt at sponsoring an LDP student, we began sponsoring Cilia in early 2011. We received a profile for Cilia from Compassion and felt led to sponsor her for two reasons.
  1. My husband had just gone to Honduras with a medical mission team
  2. She was studying Chemisty and Pharmacy - my husband's field.

We received 10 letters over the 2 1/2 years we sponsored Cilia, as well as an overview of LDP in Honduras with many photos. Cilia was 18 years old when we first sponsored her, but her Compassion story goes back to when she was 6 and first enrolled in the CDSP. She had two sponsors, the second of which wrote to her often and even traveled to meet her.

Almost every letter had a new photo - often printed right onto the letter as seen below.

We received the following info:
  • LDP country profile
  • LDP university profile
  • LDP annual update
  • LDP new student profile
  • LDP new student testimony (questions and answers below)
How did you come to accept Christ as your personal Savior?
One day at the child development center, my tutor was praying and she made a call to get saved. At the time (I was 15), God came into my life and I started to feel the anointing. Then I started to cry and feel God's presence.

How has God specifically used Compassion to share who you are today?
God has used Compassion in a great way. It has the greatest blessing for me because they are teaching us to become spiritual leaders in character and example for others. I am also learning to stay away from bad things and get closer to God. 

Who has had the most influence on your life and why?
God and my parents have been helping me walk on the right path. The child development center is teaching me what is right. Lastly my tutor has been leading me to make the best decision for my life and accept God as my Lord and Savior.

Miscellaneous info from the letters and profiles:
  • Mother is Elvia and Father is Joaquin - Cilia is the youngest of 8 children (4 boys and 4 girls)
  • Father suffered several stroks and a heart attack - was very sick and bedridden
  • lived in a neighborhood with crime and risk of landslides
  • served in children's ministry (ages 6-8)
  • participated in dance ministry
  • used birthday $ to pay for Rock or Sand camp and buy new coat
  • attended LDP community service events
  • switched from chemistry/pharmacy to psychology

Sadly, Cilia was victim of abuse by a gang member at one point. With Compassion's help, she was relocated to a LDP home with three other ladies for 6 months. It was in a different part of the city and it was very difficult for her to be away from her family. Her father was very sick at times (bedridden) and Cilia helped her mother with his care. 

After regular communication from Cilia for 1 1/2 years, a whole year went by without us receiving any letters. In January 2014 we received notice of Cilia's early departure from Compassion. Cilia had dropped out of school and was no longer fulfilling her requirements to remain in the LDP program.

from the departure letter....
It's hard for me to bring sad news; we in Compassion thank you for your faithfulness in making possible that Cilia had this development opportunity. Due to your support Cilia was provided with many different benefits in her spiritual, health, academic, social and leadership areas, such as Bible, counseling, mission outreaches, medical treatment for her and her parent, meals, tuition, books, tutoring, uniforms, school supplies, access for internet, monthly extra funds to support her family needs, funds from the highly vulnerable children strategy in order to supply family immediate needs, relocation for several months as a support during a lot of insecurity period in her neighborhood, participation in seminars, conferences and trainings, community service projects, opportunities for leadership experience, etc. 

more pics of LDP students in Honduras

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