Monday, September 15, 2014

Immediate Sponsor Needed

This is Santhosh.....

TODAY - September 15 - he turns 14 years old.

Santhosh likely has already had a sponsor or two. But for reasons unknown to us, he is now without a sponsor. He's already been waiting more than 6 months. Let's end his wait today - the perfect birthday gift for him. Sure...he won't know about the fact that you sponsored him for several days, but when you write your first letter, you can tell him that you sponsored him on his birthday. How cool would that be?

Not only has he been waiting an awfully long time, he lives in an area of India that is at high risk for child rights violations. Being a teenager, he is in a very vulnerable time of his life and getting a sponsor might be just the boost he needs to stay in school and be successful.

So what do you say? Can you step up and add this young man to your family?
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