Friday, March 7, 2014

Pastor Letters ~ Dominican Republic

We recently received two letters from the pastors of Veronica and Antoni, both of the Dominican Republic. I always learn so much about the community my sponsored child lives in when I read these pastor letters.

from Antoni's pastor - Antoni attends DR 408 Itegral Development Eben-ezer
Receive special greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and the church of Christianization that I pastor.  
I am the pastor Florentino Corporan Reyes, responsible of the integral development center Ebenezer which works in the city of San Pedro de Marcoris, Dominican Republic, where your sponsored child Antoni attends.  
We want you to know that we are very grateful for the valuable investment you have been doing through your sponsorship of Antoni. Undoubtedly you have joined without knowing us, to the mission of this church, helping to realize our goal of combating poverty and improving the quality of life of Antoni and his beneficiary family. 
I share to you that this city has dropped the standard of living of most of its inhabitants. At other times this became the third city in importance and current financial resources; but several sources of income, that is big companies, providing jobs, have declined and many others have ceased operations in the past ten years.  
Naturally, for these and other reasons poverty has grown as well as insecurity. The closest neighborhoods of our institution are considered among the poorest in the city. Due to having the lowest levels of education, they offer almost no source of formal employment and there are very few public schools and private schools. The lack of opportunities for advancement, the loss of purchasing power, loss of moral and spiritual values and family breakdown, are all factors that adversely affect the children of the city. 
The work of our project, and other ministries of the church, have contributed to the promotion of values and the educative formation to hundreds of boys and girls for more than 10 years. You and we have been allies of hundreds of poor families to the protection of their children. We give all glory to God. 
Finally, our staff has been an example of excellence and passion in the work they perform. each one of them provides personal attention to each child. And as a testimony we inform you that we do an annual camp for parents and children, and we celebrate this year, several mothers and children received Christ. In addition, the lessons that my wife and I shared with men and women served to make their lives positively in their roles as husbands and fathers.  
Again, receive thanks, and God protect your life and your family. We will continue praying for you. 
With high esteem,Florentino Corporan Reyes 

from Veronica's pastor -Veronica attends DR 495 Integral Development Fuente de Esperanza

I courteously address you in order to greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I'm the Reverend Sebastian R. Perez Rodriguez, pastor of the Iglesia Roca de Salvacion Church (Rock of Salvation Church) into parnership with the Fuente de Esperanza (Source of Hope) Project, which your sponsored child, Veronica attends. This project is located in Las Flores sector, from the San Cristobal province, southern region, Dominican Republic. 
We thank you in a great way for the opportunity you offer us in order to give the message of health and salvation to those families from our community, and to reach the integral development of our participants, since this is affected by the spiritual, physical, economic and social needs which are shown by our community. 
I have felt impacted as a pastor to see how the participants of the community have been bettering themselves both in the secular and the spiritual areas, since the participants are now an example in their homes about what they have learned in the center, since their parents have given testimony of their good actions.  
We can't stop mentioning to you that your effort is not just a blessing for Veronica, but to the center's staff too, since they have grown not only spiritually but intellectually too. Our collaborators care for each one of our participants, and the love they feel toward each one of them encourages them to do a better work.  
Our participants commonly talk about their future visions, about reaching the Leadership Development Program, being tutors, and somehow being collaborators in the Compassion's national office. They also talk about getting to be computer specialists, doctors, teachers and sportsmen. The center has  implemented technical-vocational courses so that our participants somehow manage to reach the goals they have set themselves. We had the great privilege to have been visited by one of our sponsors this last year. This was something of great blessing for all of us. Meanwhile, we also receive approximately 180 letters per year. We congratulate our sponsors for this honorable gesture of affection that they give to our participants through letters, since this actions is much appreciated by each one of them.
We recently had a contest with our participants about composition and singing, and we were really surprised about the talents that were shown. We also had marches in which we proclaimed Christ's name in our community, where many people were impacted. 
We ask for prayers for each one of the participants and their relatives, for the staff and for our sector. May God bless you and your family greatly! 
I courteously say good-by, Sebastian R. Perez Rodriguez

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