Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Orm ~ Our Thai Girl

We have been sponsoring Orm since November 5, 2009. I remember quite clearly how she became our sponsored child. My husband came home from work one day and began to tell me the heartbreaking news and reality of sex trafficking of girls in Thailand. Feeling overwhelmed and helpless about what we could do, we decided to make a quick check and see if Compassion was working in Thailand. The very first girl to appear on Compassion's site was Orm...and she was from Thailand. 

We didn't hesitate a bit, knowing it was a tangible way we could help. Child sponsorship can prevent the ugly realities some girls have to face and live with. This is our hope with Orm and her sponsorship. We hope and pray that sponsorship allows her to stay in school and receive an education and opportunities that otherwise would not be available to her. 

This what she looked like 4 1/2 years ago when we sponsored her. 

A couple years later we received this photo update...

 And more recently....

I really hope to get a photo of her smiling when we are with her! I'm also realizing from these photos that hair clips and flip flops would be a great gift for us to take to her.

Orm is a girl of very few words, so it's been hard to get to know her well through letters. Her letters to us read like a report of what we have written to her with a few answers to any questions we might have asked. As I look back through the letters we have received (34 total - approximately one every other month), I see that every letter thanks us for sponsoring her.  I also know that she attends Compassion's project on Saturdays and Sundays.

Three years ago,she told us her family did not know or believe in God - I don't know if this is still the case or not. I'm hoping and praying that our visit will be an encouragement and a display of God's love for her and her family.

Orm attends project TH346 and a couple years ago we received a letter from the pastor which I'd like to share.

Dear sponsors,  
My name is Surat Dansongklod, representative of Baan Mae Aeb Church. I am a pastor. I would like to thank you for your sponsorship for our children in the project so far. This helps our children to improve their lives in the community. Now we have 112 project children. They all have learned about sanitary because we have some budget to build toilets for them. We brought them to God and taught them many things through the activities. We recruited some staffs from the community. We also have many play things for their edutainment (education? entertainment?). These are our visions for our mission. We will preach the gospel and continue our mission. 
Finally, I would like to thank you again for your letters to our children because they make our children smile with joy. Our children have courage to attend the project activity. May God bless you all. 
Love in Christ,Mr. Surat  Dansongklod

I love this letter and how it illustrates the joy that letters bring to the children.

Unfortunately we won't be visiting Orm's Compassion project or her village. Instead, she'll be brought to meet us where we will be staying with our friends. Still, I am looking forward to meeting this special girl and making some memories to last us all a lifetime. Only three more weeks...

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