Friday, April 26, 2013

Sponsor Bracelets

Earlier this week I was excited to receive the sponsor bracelets I ordered from Lizzie.

Have you heard about these? Lizzie is a brilliantly creative sponsor when it comes to raising funds to support her kids. Not only are they beautiful, they are so ridiculously cheap. $1 per bead (each bead represents a different country), $1 for the bracelet and $2 for shipping (within the US).

Pictured above are the bracelets I ordered for my daughters - the black one is for Sydney and has the bead for the Dominican Republic where Yoselin lives. The multi-colored one is Kayleigh's and has a bead for Kenya, where Joylyne lives.

I also ordered some bracelets for myself, my mom and the team who is in Mexico with me this week.

I love how unique they are and I'm sure they will be great conversation starters. I told my girls to say a prayer for their girls when they look at the bracelet.

Please head on over to Lizzie's blog to see more beads and learn more about her heart for Compassion.
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