Friday, January 11, 2013

The Second Friday and a Correspondent Kit Giveaway

Do you know the significance of the second Friday of each month?


That's right....the second Friday of each month is unofficially the official time to write to your kids. (do you like that - the unofficial official time?)

A while back, a fellow advocate announced that she was setting aside the second Friday of the month to write to her kids and was asking other sponsors and correspondents to do the same. Will you join us today in writing to your kids?

And now on to that correspondent kit giveaway.

I'm not giving away any more correspondence kits.

You see, I gave away the whole idea, and Emily over at With Elephant Grace was happy to take over. I'm so grateful for her willingness to carry on this ministry. I'm also very excited to see her adding her own ideas and touches to the correspondence kits.

Please head on over to her blog to enter for the chance to win one of the four kits she is giving away this weekend.

And be sure to thank her for stepping up and taking over.

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