Monday, December 3, 2012

Mail Call Monday ~ Lost Letter

This isn't your normal mail call post in which I report that I did a happy dance upon seeing that lovely cream envelope in my mailbox.

It's a sad story.

Back in October I got the expected yet dreaded call that Dominic Muchangi had finally completed Compassion's program and was told a final letter was on its way.

I wasn't exactly sure what that meant... Did that mean the Kenya office had reported a final letter had been written? Did that mean the letter had been received in Colorado Springs? Did that mean the letter was literally on its way to me?

I didn't think to ask any of these questions and it wasn't until this past week - 6 weeks later - that I called Compassion to ask. You see, I'm used to Dominic's letters taking a long time to reach me, and every day would hope the letter was in my mailbox. But day after day - week after week passed and there was no letter.

So I called Compassion and asked my questions. The letter was written. The letter was received in Colorado Springs. The letter was sent to me.

The problem is that the letter never got to me and appears to be lost.

The final letter is lost.


I know it's not about me, but it breaks my heart that I won't get to hear Dominic say goodbye after 11 years of sponsorship. Deep down I know it's much more important that he gets my final letter and hears me say goodbye. I know this doesn't change anything about the past 11 years of sponsorship. I know it's no one's fault.

But it still hurts. It feels unfinished.

I've cried a lot.

And now I'm hoping he has access to a computer and chooses to contact me through email.

And most importantly, as always, I'm praying for him and his future.

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