Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Praying For the Bloggers

Although the bloggers trip to Tanzania has come and gone, in some ways the journey for the bloggers has just begun. It was such a blessing to read along last week as they witnessed the work and ministry of Compassion International in Tanzania.

I loved seeing how God worked in their hearts as they saw the hope sponsorship provides.

I loved following along and getting glimpses into the country where our own sweet Joseph lives.

I loved watching the videos of children singing and dancing and seeing the photos of other children praying.

It truly was a beautiful week in so many ways. And even though the week is over, it's just the beginning of a journey for the bloggers as they return to their normal lives. As I've read a few of the post-trip posts, I've been reminded of the struggle of re-entry.

Let's not stop praying for them, as they wrestle with what they've seen, what they've experienced and what God wants them to do about it.

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