Sunday, March 4, 2012

Choose a Child to Pray For

I literally dreamed this post last night. I woke up in the middle of the night with this idea and was excited for morning to finally come so I could put the call out there for all of you to join me.

First of all, I am praising God for the friend in my church who called me this week, telling me that she and her husband wanted to sponsor the little boy I randomly chose to feature in the Wait No More post. When I wrote the post, I really thought it would just bring awareness that there are so many children who wait and wait and wait for a sponsor. I didn't expect someone to actually sponsor the little boy I featured. Oh me of little faith.

When I say "randomly", it's true that my part seemed random. I randomly picked a boy off page 2 or 3 of the website. A couple minutes later I decided to look through all the kids and find the child who had been waiting the longest. Guess what. It turned out to be the boy I had already chosen. So while it seemed random to me, God was orchestrating the entire thing.

So here's my idea for this week and I'd like you to join me.....

I've heard others say they go to Compassion's website and choose children to pray for (like my friend Teena and her daughter Lysa).

Will you go through the list of waiting children and pick one or two to specifically pray for this week? Pray all the things for this child that you would pray for your own sponsored child. If you need specific ideas, click on the label "prayer" for these posts and you will see 52 ways to pray for this child.

And, of course, pray that God would raise someone up to sponsor this child.

After you've chosen your child to pray for, would you come back here and leave a comment, letting me (us) know which child you are lifting up in prayer?

Thank you friends.

To see all the children who have been waiting for more than 180 days, go HERE.
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