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Compassion Bloggers Master List

Here it is....the list of people who are writing regularly about the work and ministry of Compassion International. This list is a work in progress and can be edited or added to at any time. If you don't see your blog on the list, or maybe your blog has no description, then leave a comment and we'll add it. If you know of other blogs that are not here, please let me know.

This list is published as a page and can be found at the top of the blog. I will probably limit any changes I make to the list to the page (not this post).

As you visit all these blog, please take a moment to comment and say hi ~ bloggers thrive on comments! Our blogs are like our living rooms and the comments are the conversations that take place.

Without further ado, here is the list (in alphabetical order)....

****UPDATE: Several additions have been made to the list, so for the complete list, please refer to the one found in the pages at the top of this blog. The list below is incomplete and has not been updated.


A Mom on a Mission ~ Hello friend. My name is Aimee and I am a Volunteer Advocate for Compassion Canada. My hubby and I, together with our kids, seek to live out Micah 6:8 each day....believing that compassion is a command, an act of worship... our song of thanks to Him!

Arrows in the Hand ~ Hi I'm Corina. I blog about our homeschooling adventures and things our family participates in. One of those things is Compassion. My boys love our "Compassion kids" and we all get excited when we receive a letter in the mail. I share those letters with my readers and I also share the letters I write once a month to our kids.

Broken ~

Carpe Vas! ~ I'm De, the author behind the blog. I share my life's experiences from a heart of wonder and share Christ's love from a heart of gratitude. I blog about my Compassion sponsorship journey, inspiring experiences, humorous happenings and more. Regardless of the topic, I hope readers come away thinking about God and responding to His work in their lives.

Compassion Family ~ My name is Jill and I'm the person behind Compassion Family. In an effort to get my entire family involved in the sponsorship experience, I created Compassion Family as a place to celebrate, experience and share the joy of sponsorship as a family. I share many resources and ideas that have worked for our family and also have country expert posts that offer a variety of resources in each country where Compassion is working.

Compassion International (UK & Ireland) ~ official blog for Compassion UK and Ireland

Compassion International (US) ~ official blog for Compassion US

Crazy About Compassion ~ This is a place for me to tell about my precious journey with Compassion as a teenage sponsor, to encourage sponsorship and to ultimately share God's heart for the poor and hopeless.

Enough ~

Grace. Mercy. Peace. ~ Hi my name is Teena. I am and advocate and share how God has changed our lives through Compassion International. I blog about ways we can make a difference, our sponsored children and my journey as God shows me His ways.

Have Some Compassion ~ Hi! I'm Rebecca and I've been a sponsor for about 2 years now. I sponsor 2 little girls and correspond with a teen. I'm still learning, but the journey has really opened my eyes to how blessed I am, despite having so little myself. My blog is a place to share that journey and try to get others involved with me.

Heart of Compassion ~ Hi my name is Hilary and I'm a Compassion advocate. I am very passionate about missions and children living in poverty. In my blog I like to write about my Compassion kids, mission trips I go on, and my heart for children.

Hopeful Hez ~ I'm Heather and my blog is a compilation of my passions, especially my passion for young people and my journey with Compassion. Join me for letter excerpts, child introductions, music and miscellaneous fun as I share my hope.

I Am Married to Super Awesome ~ I'm Jenn and I'm a wife, mom, Compassion sponsor and new advocate. I post about my family, letter writing to my sponsored kids and sometimes even some yummy recipes. I want to encourage others to sponsor and write to their kids and bring about more awareness about poverty and what Compassion is doing to release children in Jesus name.

It Starts With Me ~ Hola! I'm Jenni and I'm an Aussie blogger writing about my life journey with God and my Compassion kids. I believe that it starts with me to help change the world and bring an end to poverty. I blog about my journey, my Compassion kids, letters and projects you can make. Hope to see you around!

Letters to Abu ~ I post about child sponsorship, though both Compassion and World Vision. My blog started with me writing letters to just one child named Abu, hence the blog name. I now sponsor another child through World Vision and have three correspondence kids through Compassion. I use my blog to share letters, updates and other thoughts about sponsorship.

Min's Compassion ~ I'm Mindi, a Compassion sponsor and advocate. I don't have a family of my own so my Compassion children are my family. In my blog, you will find updates on my children and various thoughts about sponsoring and advocating. I love Compassion.

Naivaze ~ I blog about a few different things, but most of the time it's about my sponsored and correspondence kids: Esperance, Linda, Kajal, Chris, Keila, Pince and Irene. I love to share their letters and photos.

New Plan 15 ~ In May 2011 my plans to go to school the following fall fell through. I was devastated, but decided to take note of all the opportunities my new time (15 months, to be specific) provided me with. That's what my blog focuses on ~ new opportunities. I've been blessed with some great one, particularly the chance to be involved with Compassion International.

Our Compassion Adventure ~ My name is Amanda and I'm a 24 year old newlywed, nanny, Compassion sponsor and advocate. My blog chronicles our family's adventures as we grow into our roles as sponsors, as well as my experiences as a new advocate. I am especially passionate about letter writing and love to share letters that we receive from our sponsored children.

Our Little Corner of the World ~ My name is Yvonne. As a homeschooling family and new child advocates with Compassion International, this blog is where you can read about some of our daily activities. Since Compassion is now part of our lives, we will be sharing letters from our kids, craft ideas to send to your kids, events where we have been able to share about Compassion and ideas for hosting sponsor letter writing nights.

Our Present Quest ~ Hi, my name is Janelle, a mom of two and a Compassion sponsor/correspondent to seven children total. In my blog you will hear about our letters from our Compassion children, the Compassion events we are able to be an advocate at and other family happenings.

Passionate for Compassion ~ I started my blog as a way to encourage others to become sponsors and as a resource for existing Compassion sponsors and advocates. It is my prayer that this blog will be a resource in other sponsor's ministries and that it will be used to advance God's kingdom.

Project 195 ~ My name is Hannah and I'm passionate about unreached peoples all over the world. There are 195 countries in the world and my goal is to see God glorified in some way in every one of them. I blog about Compassion, ways we can make a difference, my journey to reach my goal and my personal thoughts along the way.


Sheep Droppings ~ Hi I'm Juli and I'm an Advocate for Compassion. My blog has a variety of themes: visiting sponsored kids, devotions, quilting, geneology, travel and book excerpts. I have been speaking and writing for Compassion for over twenty years now.

ShellyMoore1116 ~ I'm Shelley and, having no sponsored children for very long, it's a pretty simple blog, talking about letters I get, introducing my kids, and talking about how I got involved in the work of Compassion.

Windows and Bananas ~ Hi! I am Elizabeth, an energetic college student dedicated to rescuing children from the greedy hands of poverty. My blog is a collection of my thoughts passions and ideas. In my blog you will get to know me, my two Compassion kids, and many other ideas, recipes and fun things. Come join me on my journey through life!

With Elephant Grace ~ My name is Emily and I'm a twenty-something single girl who's navigating the world with elephant grace. I blog about my adventures in child sponsorship, children's ministry and life in general.
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