Monday, December 5, 2011

Birthday Party for Jesus

Here's an idea your entire family can get involved in. Plan a birthday party for Jesus - where all the gifts are for him.

Invite your family and friends to come and celebrate with you. 

You could have copies of the Compassion Christmas Catalog available for your guests to look at. You could also decorate your tree with gifts. Guests could choose gifts off your tree to purchase for Jesus.

For example, you could have these Bite Back stickers and bracelets representing mosquito nets ($10 donation).  ** these are available for advocates to order

You could have water bottles representing Water of Life ($55 donation).

You could even have child packets in case someone wanted to sponsor a child ($38 a month).

Or you could hang ornaments of children who need sponsors...

Other ideas (not pictured) could include taking ideas out of the catalog and finding ways to represent them.

You get the idea. See how much fun this could be for your entire family to plan?

If you don't want to host this in your home, consider asking if you could hold the event at your church.

And don't forget the birthday cake....
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