Friday, November 18, 2011

Please Help

I don't usually post on Saturdays, but I got this comment from Lizzie today and thought I'd help spread the word....

Okay, will anyone help? I know of a sponsor who lost her job and can no longer sponsor her 12-year-old boy. His name is Jean (John) he goes to the Passe Catabois Child Development Center in the mountains of Petit Cabosse (approx. 30km sw of Port de Poix) Haiti. He has five siblings ranging from 1-17 years old. Jean does above average in school, but he asked for prayer to become more intelligent in school (LDP in future?!) :) Jean will have someone writing to him, so it would only be $38 a month and no extra time commitment. But, if you did want to know more about him, his writer would probably share some about him with you. If you are willing to sponsor this sweet child, please comment reply, and I will get you connected with the sponsor.                                            Thanks, Lizzie

Will you pray about this with me?

Let's see if we can preserve this relationship and find someone to pick up the financial part of it.
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