Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Guest Post at FIMBY and Welcome FIMBY Readers

I am very excited to have a guest post over at FIMBY today. I've been a faithful reader of FIMBY for a couple years now as it's one of my favorite blogs. Renee asked me to share my story and how we have made sponsorship through Compassion International a family ministry. Please stop by FIMBY and thank Renee for the opportunity to share the ministry of Compassion with her readers.

If you are here from FIMBY - welcome. I hope you will look around a bit and say hello. I began this blog earlier this year in hopes it would be a source of encouragement for others who wanted to get more out of their sponsorship experience.

In order to help you find your way around, I will highlight some of what you will find here on a regular basis.

  • Weekly prayer topics - These weekly topics come straight from Compassion and are meant to help us pray more specifically for our sponsored children. 
  • Country expert posts - I have been researching each country where Compassion works and compile a list of resources for you to use. You can access these posts through the country label or on this page
  • Letter writing - I write monthly about the importance of writing letters to our sponsored children. I have begun giving away correspondence kits each month (I am still accepting entries for the current giveaway). 
  • Guest posts - I welcome others to share their stories here. It encourages and inspires me to hear how others pursue sponsorship. 
These are just a few of the topics you will find here. If you have any questions about sponsorship or Compassion, please do not hesitate to ask. 
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