Thursday, September 29, 2011

Make Yourself Uncomfortable

This weekend my family is embarking on a 4 day, remote-location camping trip. We’ve never done anything quite like this and are a bit excited about the adventure.


It will be cold at night.

There will not be any access to running water.

There will be no formal facilities.

We will be sleeping on the ground for 3 nights.

We will be cooking our meals over a fire pit.

There might be mosquitoes.

It will be uncomfortable.

Yet our experience will only be a slight glimpse into the lives of so many who live in poverty around the world. We might be a bit uncomfortable, but it’s good to experience bouts of discomfort every once in a while. For us, it is temporary.

You might not want to go camping this late in the year, but brainstorm as a family and see what you can do to make yourselves uncomfortable.

  • sleep together in the same room ~ perhaps all in the same bed or all on the floor
  • eat rice and beans every night for a week
  • spend an entire day without shoes
  • wear the same clothes for 3 days
  • spend a day without using electricity or running water

Get creative. Be uncomfortable. Make your life inconvenient ~ on purpose.

I would love to hear what your family does and your reflections. I’ll let you know how the camping trip goes.

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