Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Letter From Ayon

This post isn’t really one that will encourage you to pursue sponsorship as a family, but I do hope it encourages you.

I recently received a letter from Ayon who lives near Calcutta, India. We began corresponding wtih Ayon almost 3 years ago. More recently we were able to officially become his sponsors. Of all our kids, Ayon is one who writes most frequently. He consistently writes to us each month.


His last letter really touched me, and I wanted to share it with you. I imagine that there are countless stories like Ayon’s. After all, there are more than a million sponsored children now, but it doesn’t diminish the work God is doing in each child’s lives.

I pray that each time we hear these testimonies, we are encouraged and and inspired to continue on this journey.

Dear sponsor ~ Kevin and Jill Foley,

Thanks for your beautiful letter. I am very happy to read your letter that you have a special concern on me. I am fine by His grace. I am a sponsor child last 8 years. I am born and brought up in a non-Christian family (Hindu) but now my life is changed through my child development center.

My father is working as a daily labor, my mother is a house wife. We are a poor family, but through CDC and help of Compassion, I am studying class 9. Without help of Compassion, I can’t study.

Every Sunday all our family members attend Sunday church service and specifically I like to attend Sunday school. Through Sunday school class I came to know Jesus is my friend, personal savior. Every day I am praying at morning and night time. Before I eat, I pray. When anyone is sick, we are praying.

I thank God that through Compassion my life changed. I received gifts four times last couple years. I never thought that I can study, but by the grace of God now I am. My future plan is to be a teacher. I am studying well so I will get chance on LDP. Thank you that you care about me. Please pray for me and my family.

Yours loving ~ Ayon

This is COMPASSION….this is the GREAT COMMISSION….this is LOVE.

Have you heard from your child recently?

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