Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Links

Still need a Mother's Day gift? I loved Compassion's gift ideas this year....10 Unique Mother's Day Gifts That Give Back

I recently had the opportunity to review Joshua Becker's new book, The More of Less. Joshua is the founder of the very popular blog, Becoming Minimalist, and spreads a message of living with less so you can be more generous. 

He's been very encouraging and inspiring in my own journey of simplified living. I was thrilled to see a post by him on Compassion's blog this past week, and I urge you to read it if you haven't already.... The Counterintuitive Surprise of Generosity.   Also, you can read my review of his new book here.

My girls and I found about about Wordificator and made our own collage of our Compassion kids' names. You can choose a shape, then type in the names or words you want in your collage. 

Looking back

1 year ago on the blog... My Mom and Compassion

3 years ago on the blog...What to Write About ~ Write About Your Mom

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