Sunday, February 14, 2016


Sometimes I think sponsors over think what they should write to their sponsored children. Have you ever just written "I love you" on a card or piece of paper and sent it?

It's a simple, powerful and extremely important message that everyone needs to hear.

What if you opened a letter from your sponsored child and all it said was, "I love you". Wouldn't that make you smile? Wouldn't you cherish those three words? I think you would. And I think you would remember the feeling that swept over you when you first read it.

I highly doubt you would throw it down in disgust and think, "well that's nice, but how is the weather in your country?"

I'm challenging each and every one of you (myself included) to send a simple message of love this week to your sponsored children. Don't complicate it - don't hide the message inside a bunch of other information.

Just keep it simple and say, "I love you".

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