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Orm in Thailand

May 19, 2003

We began sponsoring Orm in 2009. I remember my husband came home from work and had heard an awful news report about girls in Thailand being at risk for sex-trafficking. He asked me if Compassion worked in Thailand and I clicked on Compassion's website to confirm that they did indeed work there. The very first child that came up for sponsorship was Orm, and she was from Thailand. We sponsored her right away, having no idea that in a couple years we would meet a family that would eventually lead us to visiting Thailand and meeting Orm.

The first letter we received was written on November 15. 2009, and so far we have received 69 letters. The very first letter indicated that Orm was a shy child. In the second letter it said, "Orm was happy to receive your letter and she has more encouragement to go to school and do activity."

other letters had comments such as:

"Orm is cute and quiet"

 "She is happy and smiling"

"I am fun and have happiness"

"I will study harder and be a good girl"

Orm lives with her mom, Arm, and dad, Lee. She referred to an elder brother, Oud, and elder sister. In August 2015 she referred to a younger sibling. Her parents work on a plantation and also have their own rice field.
 TH 346 - Baan Haeng Kam Rak 2 (the house of love 2) / Mae Aeb 

Orm attends the project every Saturday and Sunday. She mentioned sometime taking her niece because the mother works in Bangkok. (I'm assuming this niece is the child of her older brother or sister). 

Through the project Orm has attended:
  • summer camp
  • sport activity
  • singing/dancing contest
  • white road activity (??)
  • camp, sport and vocational class
  • Saturday evening cell group
  • learning to bake Northern Thai food
She also reported learning how to make a doll keychain using socks.

These are some of the gifts she has received as a result of sponsorship:
  • blanket
  • pillow
  • towel
  • school stationary/supplies
  • shoes
  • socks
  • warm suits
  • school uniform / sport uniform
  • cake
  • gloves
  • toothpaste
  • soap
  • snacks
  • spending money
  • click HERE to see what we took with us in 2014 and what we received from Orm

Miscellaneous information:
  • likes to sing and play games
  • likes fried rice and omlette
  • doesn't have personal copy of Word - uses one from project (we took her one when we visited in 2014)
  • likes to draw and paint (see below for some of her artwork)
  • likes the story of Adam and Eve
  • likes the fruit guessing game
  • favorite color - red
  • sleeps with a mosquito net
  • likes to run and play soccer
  • likes watermelon, rambutan and mango
  • would like to play guitar
  • grows rice, cassava, corn and pineapples at home

Meeting Orm
In March of 2014, our family traveled to Thailand to visit our friends who are missionaries and meet Orm. We met Orm within minutes of arriving in Chang Mai - she was literally waiting for us at the airport. Her mother was not able to come with her, so someone from her project brought her. She (Orm) was so shy, and our time with her was not what I had anticipated.

You can read more about our day with Orm HERE

before our visit...I feel very glad for knowing that the project worker will bring me for meeting with you in Chang Mai province. 

after our visit...Thank you so much for your sponsorship given to me. Today I went to the zoo. I had a really good time. I really liked the monkey. I came from Chang Mai and I got to tell my mother about you. She's so glad that I have you as my sponsor. When I arrived home, I hugged my mother because I missed her so much. 

I am very happy to see you in Chang Mai. When I came home and I told my mother that you are so nice to me and your family is a beautiful family. The child worker gave your photo to my mother and she said the photo looks very cute. She said she feel sorry that she didn't go with me to see you because she doesn't have the ID card. 

Some highlights from her letters:

I am too shy to play music and sing a song.

Orm and her family thank you very much for choosing to sponsor her continually. They are so glad that you wrote her. Mondays to Fridays she goes to Thai school. After school she goes back home helping to do housework such as sweeping the floor, washing dishes. Saturdays and Sundays she and her friends attend the activities at the project regularly. Presently the project organizes the practicing of Bible verses remembering. For birthday party we organize a simple party to give thanks singing, asking blessings. She thanks you very much for your love and giving her importance all the time. 

August 2016...I feel very happy for received the letter from you. I always attend the project activities together with my friends. The project celebrated the Mother's Day and I told love to my mother on that day. 

2017...I and my family don't have much time for each other.

I've received many letters from you and I've kept them well.

May God be the best thing for your family.

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