Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Compassion Daybook

Here's a little glimpse into what's going on in my world when it comes to sponsorship and advocacy through Compassion International....

Reading ~ Hope Rising by Scott Todd. A couple chapters in I suspected I had already read this book. I found my copy of Fast Living (also by Scott Todd) and compared the two. They are basically the same book - different title and some subtle revisions, but overall the same book. Scott Todd is the senior vice president of Global Advocacy for Compassion. Right now Yvonne is giving away a copy of this book - head HERE for more details.

Working on ~ Compassion Sunday at my church is coming up on June 8th. I've written lesson plans for our children's ministry and am working on pulling together all the details for the day's events. My husband is preaching, we are sharing about our trip to Thailand, and in the evening we are holding a Compassion party of sorts. Hopefully we'll have a guest speaker (formerly sponsored child Alex Mutagubya from Uganda) and activities and opportunities for sponsor development.

5 week club ~ The advocate region I'm part of is on our second round of what we are calling the 5 week club. Basically, several of us have committed to having a child packet on hand (for 5 weeks at a time) and are praying for opportunities for us to share the ministry of Compassion with others. I'm currently between child packets and look forward to receiving a new one this week. 

Praying for ~ Compassion Sunday, my special "5 week club" child, all my Compassion children

On the blog ~ Some changes are coming soon! I've recruited a team of regular contributors and you'll begin hearing from them soon. Each contributor I've recruited is at a different stage of parenting, sponsorship and advocacy and my hope is that we'll all learn from each other as we walk this journey.

A Photo ~ from our hike this weekend. Compassion t-shirts are good to wear anywhere!

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