Monday, June 25, 2018

Learning About Peru

Our most recent "trip" this summer took us to Peru!

As always, I prepared us for the trip by visiting the library's online catalog and choosing suitable reading material. We ended up with a few picture books, a cookbook, a dvd and a chapter book. Our main reading (the book I read aloud each morning) was Secret of the Andes by Ann Nolan Clark.

I also found a couple books that transitioned us from India  to Peru. One was a book about libraries around the world and how they differ. It was fun to read this bit on the donkey cart library in Peru.

We also enjoyed This is How We Do It which featured a family in India and a family in Peru. It's so fun to see the similarities and differences of every day life around the world.

We ended our travel unit with a visit to the local Peruvian restaurant. They are known for their rotisserie chicken (which was a common meal for me when I was in Peru), but they were not serving it that day. We were disappointed, but it also gave a chance to try other things on the menu. And we shared the chicha morada and Inca Kola.

We also took the opportunity to look through my photos of my trip to Peru in 2010. It was my first Compassion trip and my girls were quite young. They have seen the photos before, but now that they are older, they can appreciate them and the stories much more.

Here is a video that offers some interesting facts about Peru.

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