Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August Joy Dare

We recevied letters from Portia, Antonio, Preeti, Yoselin, Duncan, Mwanzia and Emanuel

Emanuel said...."Over vacation I played in a soccer championship. I was goalie and we had a penalty round. Every time my dad and crowd would cheer. We won the cup."

 Emanuel was also able to purchase a new pair of pants and a shirt and sent this photo of them.

Portia told us she is part of a bead making group at her project.

Antonio told us he likes soccer and asked about our environment - do we have many trees?

Preeti told us she attends the project daily. She has also attended a health screen program and world water day through the project.


Bridget (in Uganda) turned 4 on August 15th

Portia (in Kenya) turned 17 and Rayson (also in Kenya) turned 5 on August 24th

 Nabuduwa Esther (in Uganda) turned 9 on August 30

photo update
Mwanzia Stephen in Kenya - age 16

My daughters and I were able to attend (and volunteer at) the Compassion Mobile Experience which came to our area this past weekend. We loved going through the stories of Olive, Jonathan and Kiwi. We also loved talking to people and answering their questions about Compassion.

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