Monday, November 3, 2014

Compassion in Dominican Republic - a letter from a CDSP director

We recently received two letters from two different Compassion center directors around the world. As much as I love letters from my sponsored children and letters from pastors, these letters are a gold mine!

If you want to know how each Compassion project is run, then this type of letter will give you all that information. I don't know for sure, but I would guess that most Compassion projects within a country operate in a similar fashion. So even if your child doesn't attend this particular project, chances are he or she experience a similar thing in their Compassion project. I know that it varies greatly from country to country, but within a country...probably not so much.

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Dear Kevin and Jill,

May God's peace be with you and may He pour His blessings upon you and your beloved ones! My name is Amaury Hernandez de Leo; I am the project director of Fuente de Paz y Agua Child Development Center where Yoselin attends. 

I thank God for you and for being part of our ministry of contributing to the wellbeing of our children in need of a helping hand to be released from the poverty in which they live. My community is surrounded by mountains - agriculture is predominant and we enjoy a pleasant climate.

The impact of the project in the community is enormous as the advantages generated by the project are positively affecting the families whose child is being sponsored. 

We contribute to the development of the children and youth in the following areas: spiritual, physical, cognitive and social-emotional. Within our activities we have birthday celebrations, afternoon games, field trips, retreats, Bible competition, Summer Bible school, sports, Crafts, lectures on health, Medical Aids, dental checkups, vision checkups and training of values.

After arriving at the Center the children participate in a devotional. They are then split into age groups and receive training in values. This is followed by a snack. We then review their homework. They also participate in sports activities or learn crafts and use the computer area. 

For adolescents we carry out some specific activities such as lectures about sexual education, camps, technical courses (hairdressing, pastry-making, beauty, crafts and painting), days of service (community cleanup, hospital visits, and activities with elderlies) among others. 

Our staff participates in many activities such as retreats, leadership summits, among others.

The project is a great blessing to our community. This program offers hope in difficult situations. Had it not been for the program, many children would not have had the opportunity to excel; but thanks to our sponsors, which God has chosen as His instrument, today we have healthy children.

To work for my community has been an enormous pleasure, as has been the growth and progress achieved by the project along with the Church and the recognition received by the community over the years. We have been blessed by our sponsors' contributions and the gifts. 

The project has been one of the promoters of the progress in the development of the community. Nowadays, in each of the official meetings held in the village, our church is part of this meeting on behalf of our people with the goal to help our community to get released from the poverty. We will continue to work in favor of this to happen for them, continue to fight for a good education and spread the gospel of Christ. 

The letter exchanges between sponsor and sponsored child are extremely important because the relationship between them is changed by the exchanging of letters. Every time children receive a letter, I can see the happiness displayed by the recipient of such letter when they show it to all their fellow mates. 

The visit that a sponsor makes to a child is of great impact to the child, their family, the church and the community, strengthening the bond between the sponsor and all of us. 

Please pray for the Church to provide better opporutnities of development and well being to each of the families who are benefitting of the Center.

On behalf of your sponsored child, I thank you for your contributions.

I greet you with respect and esteem.

Sincerely yours, 
Amaury Hernandez de Leon
Fuente de Paz Student Center, Dominican Republic (DR 562)
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