Friday, September 27, 2013

What to Write ~ Fall / Autumn

Where I live, autumn is in full swing and  it seems like the earth is ready for a rest from the labors of summer. Every day brings new changes, from leaves changing colors to leaves falling to the ground. I'm sure that the way I experience seasons is likely very different from how most of my sponsored children experience seasons, and it's fun to share what our experience is like.

For this letter writing example, I'm going to suggest you write about fall/autumn.

Here are some questions to think about to get you started:
What are your favorite things about autumn?
What are the average temperatures during the fall months?
What specific things make you sure fall is in the air?
What are your favorite activities to do during this season?
What holidays or other special days do you celebrate during fall?
How long does autumn last?

And now here is a sample letter....


How are you? I hope this letter finds you and your family well.

We are doing fine here. Summer is over and we have moved into the season of fall. I love the change in seasons. Every time a new season comes around I think it's my favorite - but I say that about all of them. I think I just like the change and what new things each season brings. 

One of the first changes I notice about fall is that the temperatures are cooler and the garden seems tired from all the producing and work it did all summer. I plant a lot of flowers in my garden and they seem to bloom for quite a while - even after the onset of fall.

Another thing I love about fall are the trees. They are so beautiful this time of year. The leaves begin to change colors before they fall to the ground. Some turn bright red, others are orange and others turn yellow. When the sky is blue, it's beautiful to look up under a tree and see the bright colors of the leaves against the blue sky like in this picture. 

The first official day of fall was September 22nd and this season will last until mid-December. One of the things I love most about fall is that it's the time of year when we celebrate Thanksgiving and give thanks to God for all He has done for us. It's also a special season for us because we celebrate the birthday of our youngest daughter. 

Unfortunately where I live it rains a lot during fall, winter and spring. I like rain and I know we need it for crops to grow, but we get so much. When fall comes, I'm usually not ready for the rain and gray skies. Our days are also shorter. When we wake up the sun is not yet up and the sun goes down before we go to sleep. It's hard to adjust to this.

What is fall like where you live? We look forward to hearing from you soon. May God bless you and keep you ~ may His face shine upon you!

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts! What have you written about lately?

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