Sunday, November 20, 2011

Missions In Action - Compassion in the Philippines

It seems like more and more cool things keep popping up to get the message of child sponsorship out there and this is one of the newest.

The Missions in Action team will be traveling around the world to identify problems people are facing every day. They will create videos that highlight what certain individual and/or companies are doing to help those in need, and they will provide a way for you and me (the viewers) to also help.

Right now, Missions in Action is in the Philippines and they are highlighting the ministry of Compassion. Their very first episode is called Hope and Survival in the Philippine Floods and you can watch it right here. I promise you won't be disappointed ~ it's a fantastic look into how Compassion is ministering in the Philippines.

Be sure to return to the Missions in Action website regularly as there will be more episodes that feature Compassion.
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