Monday, January 19, 2015

Compassion ABCs: F is for

F is for....

Friends and Family

some random thoughts on how Compassion relates to friends and family,,,

When you sponsor a child and invest the time to write letters, inevitably you will wind up with a new friend. If the relationship really takes off, you might even consider that sponsored child part of your family.

As you get to know your sponsored child, you will also get to know a bit about their family. And you will realize how your sponsorship is affecting the whole family in positive ways.

Meeting fellow sponsors and advocates is like making instant new friends. We share a common passion and can't help encourage one another and swap stories about our kids. I have so many friends because of Compassion - some I've only met through the blog and others I've met in person.

Whether you are an official advocate or not, sharing about your sponsored child will come easily when it comes to your friends and family. Maybe your example will speak to their heart and they, too, will begin sponsoring a child.

Sponsorship is such a great way for your family to do mission work right from your home.  A couple years ago my husband and I decided we would pour our time and energy and resources into making sponsorship our family's been such a blessing.

Here's a little glimpse at my family's Compassion Family...

I'd love to hear your ideas on the subject... what other things can you think of?
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