Monday, May 19, 2014

Words Matter

I've been reminded several times this year that the words we use when describing something matter, and choosing the right word is important.

For example....

child sponsorship vs. child development ~ Yes, we sponsor children through Compassion International, but Compassion is not a child sponsorship organization...they are a child development ministry. (See...I even changed organization to ministry). When you are sharing with others about Compassion, you can get into a much deeper discussion about what Compassion does when you talk about development.

relief vs. release ~ Compassion is not a relief organization. We are not simply trying to provide relief from poverty, but actually release children from poverty. If you were in pain, relief would be nice, but it would be temporary. Wouldn't you much rather be released from that pain?

working through vs. partnering with ~ When you tell people that Compassion works through the local church it sounds a little like Compassion uses the church to promote and impart their own agenda for the community. Instead, Compassion partners with the local church and together they minister to those in need.

What other examples can you think of to add to these? If you have trouble viewing comments, click on the title of this post and that might help.
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