Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Help a Fellow Sponsor/Advocate

Right now there are several sponsors and/or advocates who are raising money to go on a mission trip or a sponsor tour. Check out what they are selling and consider supporting them with a purchase.

  • Lizzie - Lizzie is raising funds for a mission trip to Mexico this summer. You can buy coffee through Just Love and part of your purchase will go towards her trip, or order a sponsor bracelet. Go HERE for more info. The coffee is fantastic (I had some this morning) and I was thrilled to find fair trade options. Lizzie is about $500 away from her goal and helping her out sooner rather than later would be awesome. 

  • Yvonne - Yvonne has a dream and goal to go to Columbia in the near future. She is creating and selling all sorts of things. You can go HERE to read more about her desire and find the link to her facebook page. Last year I got some delicious, homemade jam - yum, yum, yum!

  • Jessi - Jessi is holding a jewelry fundraiser to earn funds for her next Compassion sponsor trip. She recently traveled to Tanzania and wants to go on another trip. Head HERE for more info and to see what is available for purchase. I bought some Christmas ornaments during her last fundraiser and they are so cool.
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