Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Belky in Colombia

Belky Tatiana Ortega
October, 3, 1999

We began sponsoring Belky in February 2018. She lives with her mother, Elediz Viloria, who is not employed.  She also has a brother, Juan David. She attends Estrella Integral Development Center near Cartagena, Colombia. So far we have received 12 letters.


  • food - meat, rice and tomato juice / fried beef, coconut rice and strawberry juice
  • color - black / blue
  • subject - science
  • animal - cat
  • hobby - music and watching tv
  • game - cards
  • story - Joseph
  • friend - Maithe

Belky is a freshman of Foreign Trade Administration, where she is studying to be a Trade Manager. She describes herself as happy, kind, easy going and intelligent. She dreams of traveling. She likes to walk with her friends and watch movies with her brother.

Sept 2018 - receiving medical treatment for skin rash

Her family has all heard the gospel and they are in process...she asks us to continue to pray for her family.

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