Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sponsor(s) Needed!


I'm sending out an SOS....

Two of my beautiful correspondent kids from the Dominican Republic have lost their financial sponsor. As their correspondent, I have been given the chance to pick up their sponsorship, but I really don't think we can do it right now.  We are planning a family mission trip to Thailand in March 2014 and all our extra $ is going toward that trip.

I hate that I cannot to commit to their sponsorship...whenever I take on new correspondence children, I do so with knowledge that I will be put in this position.

So I'm asking if any of you are able or willing. I am more than happy to continue corresponding with them if you aren't up to the whole letter writing part.

Here they are....

Veronica and Antoni ~ both from the Dominican Republic

Both have birthdays coming up and I can't think of a better birthday present for them than to have them know they have a new sponsor. Veronica will be 10 on December 20th and Antoni will be 11 on January 28th.

I have a special gift for whoever steps up to sponsor them. Remember this book?
One in Spirit is a collection of devotionals written by Compassion staff. You can't buy this book anywhere except at the Compassion store in Colorado Springs. I recently got three more and would love to give one as a gift to Veronica's new sponsor and Antoni's new sponsor.

If you choose to take over the letter writing part of the sponsorship, I will also send you a correspondence kit full of paper for letter writing and stickers and other goodies to send.

Please help me spread the word about this need. Feel free to share this on facebook, twitter, ourCompassion, Google+, Pinterest...anywhere and everywhere.

Thanks so much!
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