Monday, March 12, 2012

Mail Call Monday

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Last week I received the most wonderful surprise from Kenya.....

Not one, but two family photos!

I love being able to see Dominic Muchangi's parents and brothers. After 11 years of sponsorship this was a very special surprise. A couple months ago I asked for a photo of his family if it was at all possible.

Ask and you shall receive.

Later this month Dominic Muchangi will be receiving a special surprise from me. Julie over at Come to My Rescue is traveling to Kenya and is taking a special gift from our family with her. This is the first time I've been able to send a personal gift to Dominic Muchangi and it's also my last opportunity. He will be turning 22 later this year and will be completing Compassion's program.

But it gets better than just getting to send a gift over with Julie. She's actually going to be visiting his Compassion project and will hopefully get to meet him and personally hand over our gift.

Now on to his great letter.....

Dear Kevin and Jill Foley, 
Receive much greetings from your child Dominic. I would like to thank God for a chance that he gave me to have you in my life. You have been a very special friend to me. May God bless you in a special way. I am very glad for your letters which have very encouraging words in my life.  
I was very glad when you asked me whether I know how to swim. We learned how to swim in our nearby river called Ena. I know and love swimming. 
I am doing very well in my studies. I will be completing my practical attachment on January 9, 2012. I will then go back to school on the 10th of January. I will be doing my certificate exams on June 2012. Please pray for me so that I may pass these exams well. 
I was very happy to see my brothers who are sponsored like me.* I pray that God will bless them and their family. I wish we can meet with them so as to share how God has given us a chance to be sponsored. 
We have celebrated our Christmas. It was very nice. I received your Christmas gift and was able to buy wheat flour and flowers to colour our houses.  
I would like to share a memory verse from the book of Psalms 70:4. It says "May all come to you be glad and joyful. May all who are thankful for your salvation always say 'How great is God!'" 
Thank you so much for the gift that I received in November.**  I was able to buy foodstuff and my school shoes. I have attached a family photo as you requested in the previous letter. May God bless you so much.

*I had shared about Compassion's ministry in 26 countries and sent photos of all the kids we sponsor, essentially telling them they were part of a big family of sponsored children and asked them to pray for each other.

**birthday gift

Have you received any special surprises lately?
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