Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Gabriel in Kenya

October 20, 2006

Gabriel is one of our correspondent boys and we've been writing to him since January 2015. So far we have received 18 letters from him, and recently received a photo update (I love how straight he stands).

He attends PEFA Dabaso Church CDC (KE 345), located in the coastal region in Watamu Village of Kenya. The community has a population of 40,000.

From his letters we have learned that he attends Royal Academy school, which is 1/2 km from his home. He walks there every day, and wears a pink and blue uniform. He tells us that he wants to become a teacher someday. He tells us he is among the best in his class.

His siblings are Tumaini, Shauti, Elisha Rose and Joseph. He's has also told us his special needs are food, shelter and clothes.

  • food - rice, meat and pilau
  • sport - soccer
  • color - blue
  • animal - dog, rabbit
  • hero - King David
  • friends - Alfred and Joseph
  • swimming and singing
  • reading story books
  • Psalm 14:1

Miscellaneous info:

  • attends church with his family
  • helps arrange chairs and sweep floors at church
  • has cows and goats - helps with food and income
  • pet dog named Jimmy
  • family has a garden with crops like sorghum, maize and millet
  • planted a banana tree
"This year we have planted a lot of crops in our farm, but due to the decrease in amount of the rainfall we may not harvest a lot as we expected." (Juyl 2016)

"I would like to inform you that the weather down here is so hot with a lot of dust. Animals and even people are dying (starving) due to drought. We are praying God of mercy to do some miracle so that rains come within a short time." (April 2017) 
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