Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mwanzia in Kenya

Mwanzia Stephen 
in Kenya
birthdate - June 10, 2000

Mwanzia is one of our correspondent children. We first began corresponding with him in March of 2013 have received 34 letters to date. In August 2017, we became his sponsors. He is one of four children and lives with his grandmother, Margret (his parents have passed away). 

Mwanzia attends the African Inland Church Ikanga Child Development Center which is located 225 km southeast of Nairobi. (we correspond with another child at the same center - Duncan Kitheka)

Miscellaneous info from letters:
  • used birthday money to buy a mattress, chair, soap and sweets
  • wants to be an engineer
  • soccer is his favorite game
  • bought a goat with birthday money
  • village planted trees to control soil erosion - trees were given by the governor of county (Dec 2015)
  • bought trousers, shirts and maize
  • science fair club - making simple fan that is affordable for the poor
  • studying to become a lawyer
  • also aspires to be a football (soccer star)
  • harvesting maize, cowpeas and beans
  • 2020 - wants to join a technical college / wants to plant trees to beautify the country

"I thank you because you love me. I love you too . My grandmother is so happy every time I show her the letters which you usually send to me. "

"If wish can come true I may visit you there at your country. 
But because they can't be, I socialize with you through letters."

March 2019 "I would like to one day visit some ports of America to carry out my research concerning peoples cuture. I'm historian and hope to achieve my goal before my last breath if you support me through finance and prayer. I know smooth life never comes through sitting but by working extra miles."

Sept 2019 - "I promise to visit you at your home place when my turn to be rich comes."
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