Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Importance of Letters {part 1}

We have recently received pastor letters from almost all our sponsored and correspondent children. It's been a lot to read through and digest. In fact, I'm still working on the stack. Instead of sharing each letter with you, I thought I'd share what the pastors have to say about letter writing and how it impacts the sponsored children.

from Garcia Fernando Vargas ~ pastor of Centro Cristiano Atalaya Church in Colombia
We are very grateful to the sponsors who send letters to their children. When receiving them, it makes them very happy and they are very excited and are looking forward to responding. On the other hand, it is something sad and painful to know that there are many children who do not receive the letters and in their innocence, they are very sad. They wonder why they do not receive letters when their friends did receive them.

from Wilfredo Galindo Veliz ~ pastor of New Life Evangelical Baptist Church in Bolivia
Children really look forward to your letters, so please write always, to keep more in touch. It is sad to see that sometimes sponsors do not write to their sponsored children, and they live in the hope of someday receiving a letter from their sponsors. I must share that a teenager sponsored student was greatly encouraged by the letters he would receive from his sponsor. They were the reason of his achievements. The words in the letters were the strength to help him to keep going since he had so many problems at home.

from Ramon Jose Vasquez ~ pastor of the Assembly of God Church in the Dominican Republic
Our children and their sponsor are maintaining a good relationship through the exchange of letters. Letters allow our children to write to their sponsors about events of their lives, about their family and about how they are doing at school and how they are doing their development in the Center. Letters also allow the sponsors to keep their sponsored child aware of what is happening in their lives. The letters are a link that connects the child and the sponsor and maintains their friendship. If sponsors would stop writing, it would break the bond between them. Because of this, I pray you will frequently write to Hondy. 

from Florentino Corporan, pastro of Iglesia de la Christianizacion in the Dominican Republic
You can't imagine the happiness on the faces of these children, and their families, when they receive the special letters from the sponsors. The bond between each sponsor and the sponsored child creates a feeling of great gratitude. Please believe that you are considered to be a special aunt or uncle, and a gift from God for the family of Antoni. It is wonderful to see the joy on the face of each mother when we tell her that there is something for her child at the Center. 

from Arturo Klee ~ pastor of Jerusalem Baptist Church in El Salvador
When children get letters from their sponsors they are happy that someone cares about them and thinks about them. They sometimes read their letters many times and read them to their parents. This brings everyone great joy. They express such happiness when they receive correspondence and letters. For this,I ask that you please bless your child by writing letters often.

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