Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Meeting Josseling

Three years ago my husband traveled to Nicaragua and had the opportunity to meet Josseling, our sponsored child. Josseling was 14 and very shy, so I wasn't sure what to expect when I met her. Thankfully, I've continued to build our relationship with her through letters and meeting her was an absolute joy. She was quiet, but that's understandable. I loved seeing how she has grown up into a beautiful, young woman.

We've sponsored her for 12 years now, and she's 17. In October, she'll be 18 and will graduate from Compassion's program. Unless I go back to Nicaragua before October, this was my one and only chance to meet her.

First...here are some pics of her when she was younger....

and now....

When we arrived, Josseling was sitting off to the side working with a Compassion staff member. I'm not sure what they were doing, but I didn't recognize her at first. Once I did recognize her, I quickly went over. 

isn't she gorgeous?

After a quick tour of the Compassion project, we headed out for home visits. I sat next to Josseling in the van and we snapped a couple selfies (because selfies are fun in any culture!) 

Our first home visit was Josseling's home....Let me just take a minute to say that home visits are definitely a perk of going on an individual visit (vs. a sponsor tour). You'll get to do home visits on a sponsor tour, but it probably wouldn't be your sponsored child's home. Most likely the only time you'll get to visit your sponsored child's home is on an individual visit. 

My mom and I had done some grocery shopping the night before and were able to take a bag of basic groceries to each of our child's homes. I brought reusable bags from IKEA and they were perfect for the groceries. Another perk of an individual visit.

This is the neighborhood where Josseling lives....

And this is the entrance to her home and family's property.

We were way behind schedule and so our home visits were very rushed. We only stepped inside the front room for a couple minutes. Long enough to say hi to her siblings and her mom, deliver the gifts, snap a few group photos and pray.

It was such a pleasure meeting her brother Henry, her sister Mercedes and her mom, Evelyn. Josseling is the oldest of five children. I'm not sure where her other brother was, and the youngest (a baby) was taking a nap.

Josseling's parents never married and I don't even know if she knows her dad. I'm pretty sure not all the siblings share the same father....especially not the youngest.

Henry, Josseling and Mercedes

When I got home I found this photo of Josseling with three of her siblings. I'm not sure which boy in the photo is Henry, but I'm guessing he's the one in back.

I learned from Josseling that she has completed high school and just two weeks prior to my visit she started college. She's studying journalism and eventually hopes to study abroad. I'm so proud of her and thankful she has a plan. She really struggled with school when she was younger and we've noticed a big improvement since my husband's visit three years ago. To know she has finished high school and has a plan for her future is so heartwarming. 

I'm so thankful I have another 6 months to write to Josseling before she completes Compassion's program. 

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